Sebastian’s Apple Journey

The sight of those discarded fruits tugged at his heartstrings. Why waste something so delicious?

Determined to make a difference, Sebastian embarked on his “Apple Journey”. At first, Sebastian would rescue apples from his lunch table friends. He would ask the lunch ladies if there were any left-over apples for the day. Carefully collecting and saving these apples from their trash bin fate and bringing them home. 

At home, Sebastians mother, noticed the growing pile of apples and asked, “What’s your plan with these apples, Sebastian?” Sebastian smiled and asked, “Can we bake something special, can we make our Polish apple pie “Szarlotkas”? And so, the kitchen was transformed into an apple-scented haven. Sebastian and his mom worked together peeling, slicing and sprinkling cinnamon over rescued apple filling. The golden crust emerged from the oven as the first Szarlotka batch was made! He knew exactly who he wanted to share this baked delight with, his friends at lunch!

The first batch of Szarlotka disappeared faster than one could blink an eye. Sebastian’s friends devoured the evenly cut and carefully wrapped Szarlotkas squares. Even some lucky teachers were able to enjoy eating and savoring each bite. This was the first batch of many throughout this school year.

Word spread like wildfire: “Sebastian’s apple pie is a slice of heaven!” Soon students all around would hand him their apples. “For your pies” they would say as they dropped the apple in front of him.

As graduation day is approaching, the news of the last batch of Sebastian’s Szarlotkas would be today. The lunch period began and all you can hear are the students calling out “Sebastian Over Here! Pick Me, Pick Me!” And so with a heart full of memories, Sebastian shared his final Szarlotka batch.

And just like that, Sebastians “Apple Journey” has come full circle. He will always be remembered as the student that rescued apples and shared the magic of transforming someone’s discard into kindness and generosity.

A heartfelt expression of deep gratitude extends to Sebastian’s mother, father and brother. Their unwavering love for Sebastian, the precious time they devoted to baking with him, and the tradition they shared are nothing short of remarkable.

May Sebastian’s “Apple Journey” continue to inspire us all.


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